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Vote Kerry!

OMG, the last day of our autumn holidays!!!
And as always, did I do anything constructive? Nope...
I spend my day doing a lot shit in photoshop even though I should have done more for my history exam tomorrow... I did do a bit though... I think I got the main parts, but well, it's never enough. I already see the big D under my exam! I know, I shouldn't complain that much.

Yesterday night (yep, again I was up till like 2.30am) i got to talk to Eli which was awesome since I love to talk with the Wiles. I wish I could have talked to Ian too though. But well, I can't always have what I want, right Ryan? haha
Today I had the chance to talk to Catie again and to sweetness Ben. So yeah, that pretty much made my day.
I miss my crazy twins... It's like freaking boring without them.
Hopefully next friday will cheer me up since it's Alex's bday... still got to find a present though. NO clue what I could buy him!
But OMG, I'm sooo jealous! Everyone went trick-or-treating and has now a lot of candy now! I want candy as well!

And yeah, I just watched Farenheit 9/11 and there is only one thing I can say: 'Bush LIED, People DIED!'

Well, I'm going to be working on some letters for the americans with pictures and such... so look forward to them.
I really have to get off now and get some sleep for tomorrow... School starting at 8am, thats like sooo 'OMG' early! I have to get up and 6-ish!!!

C ya chicos and chicas!
Love, Sinem
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haha, thx so much girl!
I know it's a shame we didn't meet... and even if you are not soming to germany, we'll see each other... I'm coming back to NOHS in april which is going to be sooo cool. I can't wait! But germany is going to be awesome too! We'll have partys everyday... haha especially because there is Nick's bday!

haha, you know I stayed with the Ryans? Like, they told me sooo much about Bush and Kerry that I haaad to agree with him... and after watching Farenheit 9/11... haha, I feel like I know something about americans politic... lol