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Vote Kerry!

OMG, the last day of our autumn holidays!!!
And as always, did I do anything constructive? Nope...
I spend my day doing a lot shit in photoshop even though I should have done more for my history exam tomorrow... I did do a bit though... I think I got the main parts, but well, it's never enough. I already see the big D under my exam! I know, I shouldn't complain that much.

Yesterday night (yep, again I was up till like 2.30am) i got to talk to Eli which was awesome since I love to talk with the Wiles. I wish I could have talked to Ian too though. But well, I can't always have what I want, right Ryan? haha
Today I had the chance to talk to Catie again and to sweetness Ben. So yeah, that pretty much made my day.
I miss my crazy twins... It's like freaking boring without them.
Hopefully next friday will cheer me up since it's Alex's bday... still got to find a present though. NO clue what I could buy him!
But OMG, I'm sooo jealous! Everyone went trick-or-treating and has now a lot of candy now! I want candy as well!

And yeah, I just watched Farenheit 9/11 and there is only one thing I can say: 'Bush LIED, People DIED!'

Well, I'm going to be working on some letters for the americans with pictures and such... so look forward to them.
I really have to get off now and get some sleep for tomorrow... School starting at 8am, thats like sooo 'OMG' early! I have to get up and 6-ish!!!

C ya chicos and chicas!
Love, Sinem
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