Bitch (whitemocca) wrote,

School time / party time...

So yeah, it's halloween weekend... not much going on around here, but whatever. I've been to discos for the past 3 days straight, so yeah, you can say I'm tired.

So, tonight I'm going to meet up with the small ones 2 grades under me plus some emokidz from my grade. I'm probably coming back with a digicam full of pictures showing underaged dorks getting drunk.

Ahhh, my memory is coming back... last night Istvan called me and we talked like an hour *something I am normaly not able to do* and he told me that Chris dumped Denise (for the slow ones, my ex dumped his new ugly dog looking girlfriend). I must say I was kind of amused, especially by the way Istvan talked bad about him.

So yeah, I guess I'm going to make myself ready now... expect more updates in the future, I know that over 10 unfriended me because I was ill and had a lot of better things to do than sitting here typing...

Ach ja, und jetzt an meine tollen FREUNDE aus der Schule, hört einfach auf des hier zu lesen falls ihr euch cooler als ich fühlen wollt und meint ihr hättet ein leben... k, thx, die
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