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You mean you are breaking up with me because I am TOO BLONDE?!?

OMG,last night was... amazing.
Ok, it could have been better, buuut the night was sweet after all. Went to the NachtResidenz with Andy and his friends... his friends mean Clemens AND Amoury... oh jeez, how sweet those guys are. Couldn't stop smiling the whole night. Those guys are sooo addicted to waterpipes and all of them have one at home, still they had to order 2 of them to start the evening with smoking... too sweet.
The only thorn in the eye, first guy I saw when I went in was Burn... with JULIA! argh... and he is friends with the guys I went with... meaning he was sitiing with us a lot... but Clemens was sweet about it and tried to cheer me up. I think he wasn't feeling to cool seeing me having fun... I don't know. Juschka said I could change it if I wanted to. but do I?
So yeah, Christoph wanted to go out with me tonight... he didn't of course... but he and Fredo took me to Fredo's home to watch some DVDs. In the end we watched Gothica and Shrek 2. I don't know, the night was sweet I guess. Besides the fact that I came home 7.40am and my mum was already home for 5 min... so she was pretty shocked when she saw that I am not home... especially because I left all the lights and the telly on... I think it will be a pretty shitty day for Fredo since his dad saw me like half past 7 at their door and he doesn't know me at all... I know Fredo is going to be bitchy now... but who cares. LOL
So yeah, I haven't had sleep for nearly 24 hours now... and I have to go to Andy's party tonight. So I guess I get some sleep now.

Night bitches.

Sineeeeeeeeeeem luvs ya!
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