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New Layout!


So yeah, I finally had the chance to work on a new layout. Damn, this took me around 4 hours. ^^ But yeah, I really like the result. What about you? I'll post the old one and you tell me which one you like more and why, oki? THX! *huggles*
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The text on the header sais 'and if you want to believe in something, then believe in yourself and not in us' in german. It's a part of a songtext by 'Die Toten Hosen'. I LUV the song! <3
The little boy on one of the images is the son of my best friends in England. He is so cute and I love him like crazy! <3

Well, nothing happened today. Like nothing at all! I woke up @ 5pm and watched some tv and worked on the new layout. I still don't know if it was Chriss who called last morning and it drives me crazy. jeez...
The only thing that made my day a little more fun was this site: !
I love TISM and especially their song on that page. TISM Bunny = Love haha. I guess I'll make a colorbar with it.
So, and last but not least, please join ____cuteandcool! It still has some autos and I think it's sad that it is still that inactive. So yeah, you could help me change that! <333

So yeah, please please comment on the new layout, I'll love ya forever and will make ya an icon, ok? ^^

Will give me a treat now, a Cheesstring to be precise. I guess I'm addicted. XD
So yeah, cya!

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