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Mr. Moron was here... RIP

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So yeah, art homework went pretty well and my teacher returned 2 of my drawings and gave me a plus for both of them. tadaaa
All of my happiness that was in body and everything (dork) suddenly vanished when I saw Mr. Moron on the grounds with Mr. Biatch. I sent a text to him for his birthday on sunday. Do you actually think he replied in any way? Of course not. He just looked at me, I looked at him, got a very stern look when our eyes bet and looked in another direction. W00t, GOAL FOR ME!

So Kathi and me ran for headgirls... and we won against the 10th grader girls and then... lost against those 3 antisocial guys who are the troublemakers whatsoever and who can't even listen for like 5 mins as they demostrated after the election. Probably a lot of complains will come in the next weeks and they'll ask Kathi and me to take the job which we will. Even our sports teacher said that she feels ashamed to have such guys representing our school and most of the teachers thought I would win the whole thing since I was the oldest etc. The whole thng is just damn frustrating.

By the way, if you join suesse_designs like now I will make you a layout for your LJ!!! <3

And make me happy again and comment something to make me feel good, k?

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I NEED MORE USERPICS! :( Can't anyone help me???
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