Bitch (whitemocca) wrote,

Wanna see my new Baby?

OMG, I finally got my new baby!!! I called her Tweety and she is soo adorable! Just look at her... ^^

OMG, I love that glowing apple.

That yellow thing is a protection for my screen when I close the laptop plus I can clean the screen with it.

I can't believe I finally got her. I already have Photohsop and Illustrator on it. Any other suggestions what I should get for the mac, or what I can get?
I will buy this Solitair game at and I'm trying to get the Iconbuilder from as well to be able to amke awesome-ly pretty icons for suesse_designs *SPAM SPAM SPAM*

Ehm, you still want to hear some social stuff about my life? Gah, NO, not now... There is way too much I ahve to write about Saturday and Mr. Moron playing 'teh biatch' ... etc.

By the way, YAY for 100 Userpics and paid livejournal time!!! Getting a new mood theme soon.
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